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Our Approach

Pregnancy, labor and motherhood are physically demanding and specific let's train for them! Just like a marathon or triathlon require specific training approaches, so do labor and motherhood. We believe every mama deserves to have the best preparation which is why our program views motherhood as a performance event. Unlike other prenatal programs, we focus on building strength and endurance, regardless of your fitness level. You are capable of AMAZING things and we are here to guide you and show you how.


Whats included?


Weight training is key during your prenatal period, however there is a proper progression you must follow. Instead of giving you a database of workouts, we have put together a comprehensive progression plan to  learn proper form, when to progress and when to scale back.   We focus on building strength, activating your deep core muscles and pelvic floor which is key for labor and expediting your postpartum recovery.


Whether you have a vaginal or cesarean delivery, and regardless if you are 6 weeks or 3 years postpartum, this program is for you.  We have a specific core recovery program that rebuilds your core and pelvic floor. Then we teach you how to progress so you can get back to all of the things you loved doing before you were pregnant.


As we all know, nutrition is KEY to a healthy lifestyle and its even more important when you are pregnant or nursing. While most programs only focus on fitness, we focus on both. We provide you with a nutrition guide that walks you through your dietary needs in each trimester and even provide you with a 30 day meal plan.  Plus you have the option to add on monthly meal plans!

From a mama herself...

"I am so grateful I followed this training approach! It allowed me to have an enjoyable pregnancy, easier labor (I only pushed for 20 minutes) and a smoother transition to the postpartum period."

How Does the Program Work?

Once you join the community you will receive instant access to the prenatal program, postpartum recovery protocol AND our nutrition guide. Plus you have the option to add on monthly meal plans to keep the recipes fresh and new!

Prenatal Program


The prenatal program is divided into 3 stages that will take you through every trimester of pregnancy. We start with the Foundation Stage where we will establish a solid foundation and master core activation, and fundamental moves.

Next we will progress to the Strength Stage. In this stage we will increase the intensity and truly prepare you for the physical demands your body will face.

Finally, we will move into the Birth Prep Stage. As the name implies we will prepare your body for labor and delivery and teach you important concepts and techniques that will aid in an easier delivery and a smoother transition to the postpartum period.


Postpartum/Core Recovery


Our goal is to get you back to what you love doing as soon as possible! Whether you had a difficult delivery or just as planned and regardless if you are 6 weeks or 3 years postpartum, there is a specific core recovery process that must be followed to rebuild your core and pelvic floor. 

Our program provides you with a series of workouts that show you how to progress and teach you exactly what to do to rebuild your core and strengthen your pelvic floor.  

While Core Recovery is key and where you must start postpartum, we also know that building overall strength is essential which is why our postpartum program also includes full body strength training.




And of course no program is complete without nutrition.  While the workouts are key for preparing your body for motherhood, proper nutrition is key for nourishing your body and giving your baby the nutrients she needs to thrive.

Our program provides you with the most up to date nutrition guidelines for each stage of your pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Not only will you have the guidelines and a 30 day guide, but,  you also have the option each month to add on meal guides filled with 30 minute recipes to keep your routine fresh and your meal prep time to a minimum.

Its time to do things differently!

You deserve the best pre/postpartum fitness program- not only for yourself, but for your growing baby. Research shows that exercise during pregnancy isn't just a good idea, but critical for mom and baby's health. 

It's time to invest in a program that fits your needs and your baby's needs first. We hope you say “yes” to today!

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